1. When can I begin event set-up?

Set-up is usually done on the day itself. For lunch events, set-up can start at 9am while set-up for dinner events begin from 4.30pm.

2. Is there any cost involved in setting up during non-operational hours or on a Monday when The White Rabbit is closed?

Yes, additional charges will apply depending on the day and number of hours.

3. Are there any limitations or constraints I should know about?

  • Outdoor music is only permitted until 10.30pm

  • All set up items and equipment need to be removed immediately after the event

  • Set up can only be done during non-operational hours

  • You must submit a set up programme guide to our events manager

  • If structural work is being done, The White Rabbit must approve of plans and ensure that necessary precautions will be taken

  • Depending on the equipment brought in, an external generator may be required