AV Support


1. Can I play my own music?

Yes, if you have booked an exclusive event with us. For non-exclusive bookings, we are only able to accommodate playing the wedding march-in accompaniment. Otherwise, we specially curate all our own music and playlists in outlet.

2. Can I bring my own DJ or band?

Yes, you can bring your own DJ or band for special occasions, however,

  • The DJ would need to bring all their own equipment

  • The full list of sound equipment and specifications need to be submitted to our events team 30 days prior to the event for review and application of licenses.

  • The DJ or band needs to adhere to our venue’s sound level requirements

  • Music outdoors is only permitted till 10.30pm

  • Depending on equipment brought, an external generator may be required

3. What music do you play at The White Rabbit?

Our playlists feature a mixture of soothing jazz and soulful favourites from Laura Marling, Duffy, Feist and Norah Jones

4. Do you have DJ equipment?

No, we do not have any DJ equipment on-site.

5. Do you have a microphone and speakers?

We have two wireless handheld microphones (not suitable for singing) and surround speakers for music playback only. Please note that the system indoors and outdoors are separate.

6. Do you have a projector and a screen?

Unfortunately, we do not.

7. Can I bring my own AV set-up (speakers and microphone etc.)?

You are welcome to source for your own AV equipment or support. However, we’d love to meet with your supplier at least two weeks prior to the event to discuss the logistics and acceptable sound levels.